April 20th, 2006, 16:26
As true-blue RTS fans, we almost fell out of our chairs when news of the next Command & Conquer game reached our ears. Thankfully, this afternoon EA Games has officially blown the lid off our best-kept secret, and we can share our excitement with you across this page.
Titled Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars the next C&C entry returns to the long-forgotten Tiberium universe, which means that GDI, Nod and dodgy FMV cut-scenes will all be reprised in the latest C&C entry.

The action kicks off in 2047 where tiberium - a nasty self-replicating alien substance - has an even stronger grip on Earth's war-torn surface. The Global Defence Initiative (GDI) is working hard to reverse tiberium's planetary spread, but Kane and a secretly regrouping Brotherhood of Nod are plotting in the shadows.

"We have been waiting to reveal this game for quite some time and are thrilled to bring the series back to where it all began," said C&C creator Louis Castle. "The Tiberium universe is a personal favourite of mine, and this saga's new direction will prove to be a worthy addition to one of the most celebrated RTS franchises."
According to EA, Tiberium Wars will feature mobile bases, combinable units and powerful ion storms cropping-up across the battlefield. In the multiplayer arena we can expect full clan support, voice-over IP and new spectator modes which apparently let you play the game a bit like a sport.

More interesting revelations are offered in PC Gamer (US) which has C&C3 loving plastered across the front of its latest issue. A number of graphically-pleasing screenshots reveal an art-style similar to that of the original CnC, with units like buggies, Orcas and gigantic Mammoth Tanks all confirmed for revival. Also revealed in the mag is an all-new third faction which EA have so-far kept shrouded in mystery. Could the third side be the alien army originally slotted for Tiberian Sun? No-doubt we wont have long to find out.

We'll have more Command & Conquer 3 details - and hopefully screenshots - when they hit our desks soon. In the meantime, cast your eyes over the first image and logo lovingly plastered on the right. C&C is due for release next year.