View Full Version : Civcity: Rome Screens Thrown To The Lions

April 24th, 2006, 14:38
It's just like a school history lesson this morning; we're throwing our stationary around to annoy the editor, scribbling crude drawings on our desks and there's some big pictures of Roman coliseums littering our screens. All we need now is some White Lightning and a trip to the park and the transformation will be complete.
If you haven't guessed yet the game we're ogling at is CivCity: Rome, a city-building sim 'inspired' by Sid Meier's classic Civilization series. Apparently CivCity will let you tinker with hundreds of different buildings essential to growing your mighty imperial city, including legionnaire forts, amphitheatres, weapon workshops and gladiatorial schools. No sign of ion cannons or war factories yet, but we'll keep our fingers crossed anyway.

CivCity: Rome is due for arrival in the summer. We're off to throw flour and eggs at the PE teacher.