View Full Version : Cosmic Encounter - free, online space strategy

April 26th, 2006, 18:56
SPOnG has fond memories of playing Games Workshop’s Cosmic Encounter boardgame in our dinnertimes at school. In fact, we think we actually used it as an excuse to get out of jogging one cold winter day in the frozen wastelands of South Yorkshire. Aaah, halcyon days indeed…

For this reason, if nothing else, we were glad to come across an online version of the game. We were even happier when we noticed that it is free, plus seems to be getting quite an online following.

About.com rates Cosmic Encounter Online at number two in its chart of top ten graphical games available to freely download. Commenting on the game, it notes that: "There are scores of graphical games available on the Web which can be enjoyed by anyone with a browser and the necessary plugins….This is the classic Cosmic Encounter boardgame redone. Up to 4 players compete for galactic domination using strategy and diplomacy in this unique turn-based contest. Games are highly social, last only 30 minutes or so, and the basic aliens can be played for free."

As far as we remember it was fiendishly addictive. We may just have found a new way of wasting all our friends' employers' time and money as well as our own.

Now, where did we store all those Friends Reunited emails. Let’s see if our mates who we haven’t seen for years fancy having their marginal human brains augmented by alien intelligence.