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April 28th, 2006, 01:16
We all know about the popular consoles like PSP, DS etc but theres a whole list of consoles, some that have a questionable amount of games built in and some that are clones of older consoles.

Heres some of the more interesting Consoles from the shores of Hong Kong via the site Success HK (http://www.success-hk.com/affiliatewiz/aw.asp?B=112&A=50&Task=Click)

One Station Game Console


One station equipped with a Crystal LTPS Panel which is an excellent viewer. It supports tons of games from different platform. With the coming cartridges, you may convert the One station as your media player, portable TV, photo viewer, or even a neat digital camera.



RetroCon is a Retro and Classic console compatible with NES cartridges. It comes with 2 controllers with Auto Fire function, an AC power adaptor and 1 set of AV cable. It is an ideal product for all classical video game fans and collectors.

M3 Pocket Game Console


This M3 Pocket Game console has built-in up to 50 exciting games for you to challenge. Ultra portable design makes you carry it to any where easily. The console also features with AV output function which allows you to connect the M3 pocket to your TV.

GameKing II Portable Video Game Console


This GameKing Portable Video Game Console has built-in 3 games. They can be run without inserting the game cart. Other than built-in games, there are 13 different game cartridges bundled with this package.

Them and more available at Success HK (http://www.success-hk.com/affiliatewiz/aw.asp?B=112&A=50&Task=Click)

Do you know of more Retro and Clone Consoles, if so links and info via the comments :)

April 28th, 2006, 03:17
i saw this thing and i stress thing called an extreme box and it looked compatible with nes cartridges but i payed almost no attention to it

April 28th, 2006, 15:18
I dunno. I would accept one of these as a birthday present, but I'm not gonna go out and get one. I had the NeoGeo pocket, which I got one christmas, and had metal slug with it. I had it for three years and everywhere I went, nobody sold any games for it. So that's what you're up against when you have a rare console.

April 29th, 2006, 16:56
gameking rocks!
got mine about a year ago with all the games from gbax (good site, shame they stopped selling all the weird stuff and went gp2x only)
anyway, its a great handheld and well worth the money, will keep you occupied for ages :)

as for clones, i picked up a megajoy II super tv game years ago, has about 74 built in nes games and is compatible with famicom carts and with the use of the "family converter" plays all my old uk nes carts too.
its shaped like an n64 controller that connects directly to the tv.
you all probably seen em before but thought i would mention it anyway.

April 30th, 2006, 22:08
At http://www.gamesoftinc.com/NES.asp there is the Neo FC, which is a NOAC (NES on a chip.) It lets you use real NES controllers, Zappers, and everything else for the NES. I don't know if the RetroCon uses the same 9 pin connectors for the controller.