View Full Version : Review: Capdase Deluxe UMD Protective Case

May 1st, 2006, 22:10
Capdase Deluxe UMD Protective Case
Manufacturer: Capdase
Site: Buy from Capdase (http://www.capdase.com)
Price: $5.99

Overview : Holds up to two UMD game and/or movies or holds one UMD and up to two memory sticks. Cases are even stackable.

Features :

Designed for UMD Game Disk
Exclusive "Press & Take" Design
Unlimited Stacking System
Removable rubber pad for MS Duo Cards
2 Holder Per Pack
Available in black and white

Quality/Usability : The protective case is available in two colors, black and white. It can hold up to two UMD movies and/or games in separate compartments which features a swivel design. A clear cover lets you see what’s in the top compartment, while the included labels can be attached to the side of the bottom compartment for easy identification. To access the disc(s), just swing open the compartment and turn the unit over to remove it.

Whats great about this case is that you can attach multiple UMD cases to each other to create stacks that hold four, six, or more UMDs. All you have to do is just remove the clear top of the case you want to attach to the bottom of another, and snap them together. You can separate them again, but it may take a little force to take them apart.

Another great feature about this case is that each case also comes with an optional foam insert shaped like a UMD that is capable of holding two Memory Stick Pro Duo/Duo cards. So you can hold one UMD and up to two memory sticks or two UMDs. Whichever is to your likings

Conclusion : This has to probably be the best design I have seen. Its nice, sleek, creative and very easy to use. Whats so great about this case is that its stackable AND it even holds up to two memory sticks. What more can you ask for. If you need a case to hold your UMDs and/or memory sticks, this is the case to get.