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May 1st, 2006, 22:11
iPorter xSD Memory Card Holder
Manufacturer: ePorter
Site: Buy from ePorter (http://www.eporterinc.com)
Price: $9.95/2 pack

Overview : The iPorter xSD fits the SD, MS Duo, MMC, xD and other smaller form cards. The exterior resembles a digital camera image. The interior holds 3 cards. The iPorter xSD is great for the photographer on the go who doesn't have time or equipment immediately available to download on the road until they get back from their excursion or photo shoot.

The ePorter products are perfect for the cards, as they fit easily in your pocket along with your keys. They do not take up a lot of room in your camera bag, yet they are large enough to prevent the cards from getting lost.

The products are also great tools that allow you to cary an extra card for your PDA program or swap the card in your MP3 player to get new music.

Features :

Holds 3 Memory Cards
- Secure Digital (SD)
- xD Picture Card (xD)
- Memory Stick Duo (MSD)
- Multimedia Card (MMC)
- MMC Reduced Size
Protects cards
- Anti Static Additive to reduce risk of shock and dust collection
- Prevents loss
- Can be used as a mailer to protect media
Holds Cards of different formats or sizes
Maximum Portability
- Fits on key chain or zipper
- Small form factor
Keeps spare cards accessible
Low cost
Great logo / Promotional product idea

Quality/Usability : The item does its job. It protects your memory cards whether its SD, xD, Pro Duo/Duo or MMC. Its made of plastic so its very light and wont add extra weight to your keys. The case flips open pretty much like book or diary where it has that locking mechanism. Upon opening it, you will see three "sleeves". These sleeves are where you place your memory cards. To hold them in place are little "clamps". Pretty much the same thing that holds PS2 and PSP manuals in place in their respective cases.

When you place the memory cards in the "sleeve", it is held pretty well and doesnt move around at all. Even if you shake it, it still in place. You can use this for memory cards such as your Pro Duo/Duo for your PSP or your SD/xD/MMC cards for your digital camera, PDA or cellphone.

iPorter xSD comes in four different colors: Brown, Grey, Green and Blue. Currently they are sold in packs of two. You can either purchase two of the same colors or one of each color.

Conclusion : Overall, this is a great item to have if you have multiple memory cards to carry around. Its light weight and small. My only complaint is that everything is made of plastic. My only fear is that eventually when you keep opening and bending the hinges over and over again, the hinges tend to get weaker and weaker and will break sooner or later (like any other plastic items out there). This can happen to the case itself (hinges), the locking mechanism or the "sleeve" that holds the memory cards.

*UPDATE* - Response from CEO (James Porter)

As a note, I have tried a couple of things to test the strength. The hinge is called a living hinge, and can withstand thousands of bends. Each sleeve has a hinge as well, that initially is rigid, but softens up apon use. I have tested it to over 1000 openings and closings. I have also stepped on them, with my full weight resting on them. They maintain their shape.

One other test I did was drive over them in both my car and my 4x4 truck (it weighs 3 tons). The hinge did not break in either test. Rather remarkable for plastic.

If you would like to run the case over with your car or SUV to test the strength and durability, feel free to. Just know that ePorter nor DCEmu is held reliable for any damages to your case.

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January 2nd, 2008, 10:22
That's one nice looking SD holder. I have quite a few SD cards and so this'd be usefull (expecially for my camera and Wii)