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May 1st, 2006, 22:16
Krusell Leather Gamic Multidapt
Manufacturer: Krusell
Site: Buy from Krusell (http://www.krusell.se)
Price: $29.95

Overview : The tailor-made Gamic Multidapt® leather case combines functionality and design. Cutouts makes it easy to access all function buttons, etc.

You can store both your memory sticks and an extra UMD disc in the case. Made in Nappa leather of the best quality, and form factor. A must have for the serious gamer!

Features :

Quality/Usability : Krusell's tailor-made leather case for the new Sony PSP-1000 is now here. The PSP-1000 Gamic Multidapt® case combines functionality and design in a new unique way. All functions have easy access, and you can store both your memory sticks and an extra disc in the case.

The Gamic Multidapt® case uses Krusell's patented Multidapt® flexible personal and vehicle mounting system. Choose the option that's right for you from the Multidapt® accessories (http://www.krusell.se/category.php?s=2&prodGrp=8). The Spring Clip is included with the case.

This is probably the best looking leather case I have reviewed yet. Not only is it stylish but its also convenient. You can mount this to your car dash, bike, belt, etc. The leather case has openings easily accessible for the directional pad, buttons, UMD button, bottom face buttons as well as the memory stick port and Power button. Whats also nice about this is that it has little holes cut out so you can see the LED lights for the power, memory stick port and wireless LAN.

The case pretty much consists of two pieces. One holds the PSP itself and the other is the flap cover that covers the screen of the PSP as well as holding a UMD disc and your memory sticks. The flap cover snaps onto the PSP case via buttons. There are four on the back (two on each side) and one on each side of the bottom. This is where the flap locks into place when you're no longer using the PSP. Whats also great about this case is that it has a clear plastic covering that protects the PSP screen while it is in the case.

There is one small button on the right side of the case. This allows you to place the PSP into the case. Once inside the case, you can snap the buttons together. Once the PSP is in the case, it fits snuggly and all the openings are aligned perfectly.

On the back of the flap, it houses a clipping mechanism. This is where you attach the Multidapt® accessories. You can clip the PSP to a spring swivel clip, a bike mount, belt clip, car mount, etc.

Conclusion : This is probably the best quality leather case I have ever reviewed. The PSP fits snuggly and all buttons and features are easily accessible. Only complaint is that it leaves the directional pad and buttons open to accidental hits and dust. You can use the case pratically anywhere. With the different clips, straps, swivels and vehicle attachments to choose from, it expands the use of the product. This is the only company I buy leather cases from. Quality is great and lasts long plus, it looks sleek. If you got the cash and in the market for a leather case..PICK THIS UP!

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