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May 1st, 2006, 22:18
Intec Recharging Dock w/USB Charge Cable
Manufacturer: Intec
Site: Buy from Intec (http://www.inteclink.com)
Price: $9.99

Overview : Display and charge your PSP with Intec’s Recharging Dock Station! Place your PSP in the cradle and maximize your gaming time by charging your PSP and your extra battery simultaneously. This charging station keeps your handheld system secure on your desk or night table. This cradle is also perfect for desktop gaming, allowing you to sit the unit on your desk while you play or watch movies! Designed & styled for the PSP handheld.

Cradle charges your PSP and has en extra compartment to charge an additional PSP battery!

Features :

Charges battery and PSP when not in use
Transfer data from PC to PSP using USB cable (included)
Charge PSP and battery without the use of the dock
Blue LED light indicates charging
3 inch x 1 1/2 inch (W x D)

Quality/Usability : The recharging dock is molded specifically to hold the PSP along the bottom of the device. The recharging dock measures approximately three-inches wide and one and a half inch deep. The base of the Recharging Dock also has four rubber grip pads to prevent the dock from sliding. There is a support bracket on the back of the dock holds the PSP up. The clear plastic centerpiece also illuminates to blue when the Recharging Dock is being powered and charged.

The recharging dock recharges the battery in your PSP when the system is not in use. You can also power the PSP when you have it placed on to the dock. The power port is located on the back of the dock.

While the PSP is charging on the dock, you can also transfer data from your PC to the PSP without worrying about the PSP dying on you. This is great considering one cable does both the transfering of data and charging the PSP.

Conclusion : The dock does a great job of displaying movies, is that what its suppose to do? HEHE. It would of been nice if it gave us the ability to adjust the angle. The dock itself is not portable-friendly due to the size, so you'll need a backpack or something to carry it. The most useful thing is that the cable has a mini-B USB cable as well as a recharging cable at the end. Without the dock, you can still transfer data and charge the PSP if you are near a computer or if you have a laptop with you. For the price alone, its worth it just for the cable. To me, the dock is an added bonus.

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