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May 1st, 2006, 22:27
Intec Sound System
Manufacturer: Intec
Site: Buy from Intec (http://www.inteclink.com/inteclink/products/psp/psp.asp#6708)
Price: $29.99

Overview : Maximize the sound of your PSP with Intec’s PSP Sound System! This sound system features stereo speakers with adjustable angle for a better gaming experience. Designed & styled for the PSP handheld. Use the PSP’s existing AC power adapter to power the sound system and the PSP, or power it up with 3AA batteries while on the go!

PSP slips into sound system for a secure fit

Charge your PSP while you watcha movie in full stereo sound, or listen to your favorite music!

Power it up with your existing PSP AC adaptor, or use 3 AA batteries when on the go!

Features :

Folds flat for easy storage
Operates on AC power (from PSP charger) or 3 AA batteries (not included)
3.5-watt per channel bass and tweeter combination stereo speakers
Headphone jack
Docking station for PSP recharging
Drawstring back to carry speakers and PSP system

Control features :

Green LED power indicator
Volume up/down
Power on/off

Quality/Usability : The speakers come out looking flat out of the packaging. In order for it to actually stand, you'll have to turn the base around for it to takes its shape as a stand. On the base itself, there is a door which is the compartment for where you insert 3 AA batteries. Also included are 2 small screws. These screws, one being a spare incase you lost the first screw, will help keep the battery door closed.

Once the stand is in its upright position, the front of the base you will find the usual buttons such as the power button, a power indicator light, a button to increase and decrease the volume and a earphone jack so you can listen to your music and movies without disturbing those around you.

By looking at the speakers, the inner part of the speakers is curved and is designed to hug around the PSP. To install, you simply slide the PSP into the plugs that are on the speakers. If you have a wrist strap, you may need a little extra force to push in the left side (directional pad side). If the PSP is not fully in (connecting to the headphone jack), the sound system will not power on.

The speakers themselves are very loud. I set the PSP's volume to the max as well as the sound speakers and there wasnt alot of distortion. The sound was very clear. Only problem is the volume button. I had to press it a couple of times before you actually noticed the volume either got louder or lower.

Conclusion : Intec really spent their time making this portable. Especially the weight. Its so light. When I first opened the package and held the sound system in my hand, I thought to myself, this thing is so cheap because its so light. But its really not. The weight may fool you but the sound wont. The sound system is truly portable.

The sound system’s base comes with four rubber feet to prevent the sound system from sliding. There are six rubber feets as well (three on each side) to prevent the sound system from sliding when it is not in use. The option of using three AA batteries or a power adapter to power the sound system is also a nice option to have.

Like all sound systems, the audio will not be like your home theather system or DVD quality but for something so portable, its pretty good quality compared to the PSP's built in speaker. Compared to the Logic3 2.1 Sound System (http://www.mobiledeviant.com/forum/showthread.php?p=15492), this is a steal. $29.99 vs $79.99? But the Logic3 does have features the Intec doesnt. But if you're looking for a portable sound system for a decent price, I suggest taking a look at the Intec Sound System.

The bottom picture is pretty much how the design will look. The final product has the same base which has the on/off switch, volume up/down, headphone jack, etc. The only different is that the speakers arent as curved and as big.

The design below is an illustration of the product from Intec. The final product looks similar but not exactly the same. I will update pictures when they are available.

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