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May 1st, 2006, 22:27
be.ez LArobe PSP
Manufacturer: be.ez
Site: Buy from be.ez (http://www.be-ez.com/prod_larobepsp.html)
Price: 14.95 inc VAT (no US pricing yet)

Overview : LArobe PSP is made in a soft, shape-memory material, ideal to dress your PSP™ in an original fashion while protecting it from mobile life worries.

Features :

Low Resilience Polyurethane (LRPu) Technology
Robe protection Thickness 5MM
Trendy, Unique Design
Inner Lip for maximum protection
Stand alone or in your bag
No more Scratchs for your PSP™

Quality/Usability : The LArobe PSP is a new pocket sized sleeve that closes with a zipped finish similar to a jewelery case, offering protection, originality and quality. The LArobe PSP was designed to efficiently protect the PSP without diminishing its original styling, providing a credible alternative to other monotone looking protective cases. The LArobe PSP is made of a soft, shape-memory material, ideal to fashionably dress your PSP in a 'couture' style while protecting it from day to day wear and tear. There isnt any room or any extra pockets to store memory sticks or UMD games. Once you place the PSP into the pouch, it will be a tight fit. The PSP wont be moving around.

The LArobe PSP uses low resilience polyurethane (LRPu) technology and offers robe protection thickness with an inner lip for maximum protection. The cases come in a variety of colours from bright pink to turquoise blue, apple green or black, providing a different and attractive product range.

Conclusion : This is a great alternative to the stock PSP black pouch. With the added zipper, this is even more secure because you dont have to worry about the PSP falling out. Too bad there isnt a small pouch on the back to hold any UMDs or memory sticks. Not to mention a belt clip, belt loop or carabiner for easy portablility.

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