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May 1st, 2006, 22:34
PSP Flexible Hand Grip Pad
Manufacturer: Dragonplus
Site: Buy from Brando (http://videogame.brando.com.hk/prod_detail.php?prod_id=00137&dept_id=006&cat_id=008)
Price: $7.00

Overview : Flexible hand Grip Pad give you a gamepad feel for your PSP. Make you more comfortable for longer play.

Features :

Smart and compact design
Soft rubber pad design give you comfortable feeling
Special controller pad design, for more easy control and good for longer play

Quality/Usability : This product pretty much resembles the PSP Rechargeable Grip. Only difference between this grip and the Rechargeable Grip that was reviewed is that this is made of rubber and doesnt have a rechargeable grip. So what are you getting? Just what the title says; a flexible hand grip.

The two grips are retractable for easier storage. Once separated, the two grips are held by a thin track. Just like the PSP Rechargeable Grip, this also feels a little flimsy. But once it is attached to the PSP, it is held securely.

This also has the PlayStation Dual Shock controller feel to it minus the rumble feature.

But what makes this slightly better is that you are able to access the UMD tray without having to remove the grip. The memory stick slot is still blocked but people mostly use the UMD tray to access their game or movies.

Conclusion : If you're just looking for a grip and no added items, this is the grip to take a look at. This feels great in your hands and is great for those with big hands and cramp after a few minutes of play. But for an extra $5, you can get a plastic grip with a rechargeable battery built-in.

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