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May 1st, 2006, 22:35
PSP CoreCase
Manufacturer: CoreCases
Site: Buy from CoreCases (http://corecases.com/Sony-PSP-c-3.html)
Price: $14.95 (plain) / $24.95 (with vinyl)

Overview : Hard, sturdy aluminum protection for your PSP.

Features :

Anodized aluminum case with hands free viewing option.
Get all the functions from the PSP while the neoprene liner protects it from the real world.
Flip style lid has interior storage for two duo-memory cards.
Lanyard attachment point for use with the PSP lanyard option

Quality/Usability : The CoreCase is a little different from your average aluminum cases because it opens to the rear, instead of towards the front. The case has openings cut out for access to every major function except for the UMD door. While in the case, the PSP feels great in it. The back of the CoreCase is designed to resemble the back of the PSP itself. But when holding the PSP with the lid open, it may get in the way of your fingers. On the underside of the lid cover, houses two memory stick slots. When the memory sticks are placed inside the slots, its pretty much flush and the sticks doesnt protrude. So there is no worrying of the sticks scratching your precious screen.

A nice feature added to the case was the addition of two magnets on the rear hinge and the back of the case. With these magnets included, this will help prop the PSP into a stand which is great for movie viewing. You dont have to worry about the case falling flat or anything. The interior of the case is well protected and actually feels good.

Conclusion : Overall, the CoreCase offers great protection. My only complaint is the accessibility to the UMD Door. This case comes very close to the Capdase Luxury Case (http://www.mobiledeviant.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1911). Not only is it affordable but it also gives the owners the option of customizing the case with vinyl skins.

PS: Unfortunately, vinyl skins arent offered on the website. There will be 6 choices to choose from.

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