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May 1st, 2006, 22:41
Manufacturer: AsianToySource
Site: Buy from PSPonTV (http://www.pspontv.com)
Price: $79.95

Overview : The PSPonTV ™ allows you to instantly start playing your Sony PSP® games & movies on any TV! Even BIG SCREENS!

Features :

Quickly and easily connect the PSP on TV to your Sony PSP.
Instantly start playing your favorite games or watching the latest release movies on your TV Screen.
Works on all PSP consoles world wide.
With the PSPonTV ™ there's absolutely NO NEED to open your Sony PSP® console. The PSP on TV is completely plug and play.
You won't void your standard or extended warranty. When we say plug and play, we mean it. Your warranty will remain intact. Plug and Play means exactly that!
Easy to connect and easy to use. No complicated internal wires or wiring required.
Firmware updates are NOT required!
No special tools required to open your PSP, no need to risk damaging it's fragile internal components.
The PSPonTV ™ is a slim and attractive unit. Manufactured to the highest standards, with a long quality history. The PSPonTV is not just a "hack" add on from some unknown "team" or hacker group.
Enjoy the same high quality video you've come to expect on your PSP right on your TV Screen with the PSP on TV.

What is in the box :

Dust Cap
AV cables
Installation Instructions

Quality/Usability : PSPonTV is probably the easiest and safest way to go if you want to play your PSP on your normal sized TV. With this, you just snap on, screw onto the PSP and just start playing as opposed to PSP2TV where you have to dismantle your PSP and change the faceplate.

The review unit of the PSPonTV was from the factory so I cant comment on the packaging nor the dust cover and how well it fits on the adapter. Instructions and dust cap will be included, I on the other hand had to request for it but you dont even need it. Its common sense and doesnt take a genius to figure out.

The unit itself attaches to the PSP by clipping onto the bottom of the PSP and two screws that go onto the top of the PSP. There are two small cables that stick out from the bottom of the adapter. One goes into the headphone/remote jack and the other plugs into the DC port. This provides power to the PSP. Other then just attaching the adapter onto the PSP, the only other things you have to do is attach the AV (red, white, yello) to your TV, plug the other end (USB) into the adapter and plug the power adapter (included with your PSP) into the adapter. Thats it, you're ready to play.

The PSPonTV unit performed fairly well on my 27” JVC. The picture was formatted for a 4:3 screen with black bars at the top and bottom preserving the original aspect of the games. The clarity of the adapter itself was pretty good. Color wise, if you have read other reviews on this product, the color is a little washed out. The brightness is too bright. To get the best result you'll have to change the brightness on your PSP. If your game is bright throughout the game, you'll want to set your PSP brightness to the lowest. If you're playing a dark game, you'll want to set it on the brightess.

The audio did have some distortions and some cracking but with a little of adjustments on the PSP and on TV, I got it to an acceptable level that wasnt too annoying.

How does it feel? Playing the PSP with the adapter attached is a little cumbersome. The adapter itself isnt heavy but it cuts close to being near the right directional and square button.

Conclusion : Overall, the PSPonTV is a decent adapter. Not only is it somewhat affordable, but its the safest and easiest setup possible. This is only for those who do not want to void their PSP warranty. If you arent too into looks and audio and only want to enjoy your portable gaming on a bigger screen, than the minor flaws wouldnt annoy you. With the lack of supplying a dust cap, I cant really say how well the cap fits to protect the inner parts of the adapter and lens.