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May 9th, 2006, 14:57
Official Sony Screen Protector
Manufacturer: Sony
Site: Buy from Play-Asia (http://www.play-asia.com/SOap-23-83-38tr-71-be-49-en-84-j-70-1984.html)
Price: $7.00

Overview : Official screen protector for your PSP. Protects PSP screen from dust, finger prints and scratches.

Features :

Protect the screens of your PSP from dust, finger prints and scratches
Easy to attach and remove
Official Sony Product

Quality/Usability : Sony is a little late with releasing a screen protector of their own. But at the same time, people should know that the first thing to get is a screen protector. If you dont, you do now.

Applying the screen protector is fairly simple. If you place the screen protector is placed slightly off and you're anal like me, its easy to lift up and replace again. If there is a bubble or a small piece of dust/dirt inbetween the protector and screen, all you have to do is just lift up the corner where the debris is and use a piece of scotch tape to remove the debris.

When I place any screen protectors, I dont use my fingers. I use two pieces of scotch tapes, one on the top right corner and one on the bottom right (if there is no tap on the screen protector). This allows me to align the screen protector before placing it down.

The screen protector itself is pretty clear. No haziness, cloudness or anything that would disturb your gaming.

Conclusion : Overall, its a great 1st party accessory but late to the scene. If you're a Sony whore, this is up your ally. If you already have a HORI (MSRP $5) or Martin Fields (MSRP $12-15) screen protector, then stick with those. No point in switching to something just for name brand. BTW, this is only available overseas. You would think that Sony would release this stateside as well..No.

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