View Full Version : Forums Being Upgraded to Latest Version of Vbulletin

May 14th, 2006, 10:25
Im sure you have noticed that theres some weirdness on the news on our sites and in the forums, well Martin (our server admin) is upgrading to a newer version of Vbulletin, once its all done we should have some great new features for the Network.

Sorry for the inconvenience

May 14th, 2006, 12:10
weird. for me, it is only faster ^0^
tha nks for saying anyway :)

May 14th, 2006, 13:20
vBulletin has been upgraded and the upgrade went great. :)

All sites are working exactly like before, only some stats and who's online are missing but I'll get to that soon. :)

May 14th, 2006, 13:30
It's not loading images for me anymore

May 14th, 2006, 13:36
I had a problem last night, right after i had posted for Deniska's game. I went to check something else out, and it had said that our Admin server Martin was hard at work at the new VBulletin, fantastic update by the way. Thanks.

Cap'n 1time
May 14th, 2006, 15:33
works great now!

May 14th, 2006, 17:55
it saysn't anymore :"last comment was by &somgys username&"

May 14th, 2006, 17:56
That world map is cool. lol

May 14th, 2006, 19:11
I don't see a difference lol

May 14th, 2006, 19:12
much faster for me

May 14th, 2006, 21:36
when its finished we should have some cool stuff

May 15th, 2006, 21:13
Did some of the news posts get lost in the process?

May 15th, 2006, 22:45
its seems that only wraggs news posts are showing at dreamcast.dcemu.co.uk, i sure martin can fix it in a few seconds, once we tell him

May 16th, 2006, 03:44
Yeah I fixed that earlier tonight. :)

May 16th, 2006, 05:09
i don't really see a difference either....