View Full Version : Network Wide DCEMU Link Exchange Scheme

May 20th, 2006, 01:45
Ive started this on the PSP site but ill explain more, im starting for each site on the network a Links exchange where basically if your site covers the same scene as the site u want to swap links with then we add links to the sites on either the left or right hand columns.

Its a great way for us to get new visitors and for other sites to get noticed too, nationality of sites doesnt bother me as a lot of the best sites in the world are non english :).

We wont ever link to warez sites, sites that allow iso downloading etc but decent sites that support whatever scene they are in are most welcome, all we ask is that for a link on our sites is for the same on yours in a similiar place.

The Homebrew community is about all of us working for the one goal and with that in mind its great to share the visitors.

if u submit your site then tell us what site it is and we will do the rest, (eventually but i do in the end) :)