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June 20th, 2006, 19:51
Pacific Design Gaming Flip Case
Manufacturer: Pacific Design
Site: Buy from Pacific Design (http://pacificdesign.com/pac_psp.html)
Price: $24.95

Overview : Play your favorite games, and watch your favorite videos, in this feature-packed Sony PSP flip case. The unique open-frame construction gives you access to every control on the PSP. Power your PSP, use your earbuds, even change your UMD disk... all without taking your PSP out of the case. Choose from black with a burnt red racing stripe; black with a bright blue racing stripe; industrial gray with a bright orange stripe; or industrial gray with a yellow stipe.

Features :

Unique, open frame design
Full access to all PSP controls, power cord, headphone/earbud cords in case
Magnetic-closure rear access compartment lets you change UMD disks in case
Storage slot inside the front flip holds an additional UMD disk

Quality/Usability : Out of the box, the case smells like brand new leather sneakers. OK, enough of my sniffing addiction, back to the review. Nowadays, cases look more and more alike. The case features a back flap cover that also allows you to access the UMD tray by flipping down the magnetic flap closure. The magnetic closures are very strong and will stay attached until you detach them.

The flap cover itself holds one UMD disc. The UMD is held into place very well.

The PSP itself fits into the slot nicely. The PSP is held in place by little tab like features on each side of the case. Once the PSP is in it slots, its not really in there snuggly..at first. The PSP moves around a little bit but it doesnt fall out. With a little adjustment of the tabs, you can move them closer to the PSP. This should prevent any moving around. But if you keep moving them back and forth, eventually it will lose its strength and become weak. But I dont think that will be a problem. The only problem is that the tabs on the left and right side are so close to the circle button and left directional pad that it may hinder playing or be an annoyance to some PSP owners.

When the case is open, there is no protection as like with majority of other cases. But once the case is closed, the flap does a nice job in protecting the PSP.

Conclusion : Overall, its a nice case but there are some minor set backs. Also, maybe the placement of the tabs that hold the PSP can be relocated a little to prevent it from being so close to the buttons. A nice feature that I would like to see are maybe memory stick slots and the ability to prop the case into a stand.

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