View Full Version : Total phwoar! Sega unveils Total War: Eras

June 29th, 2006, 16:23
Sega is taking all Creative Assembly's Total War games released to date - including expansions - and squeezing them into one masssive 'collected edition' which they've dubbed Total War: Eras.

Total War: Eras is officially out tomorrow on these shores - July 25 in North America - and includes Shogun: Total War with the Mongol Invasion Expansion Pack, Medieval: Total War with the Viking Invasion Expansion Pack and Rome: Total War with both the Barbarian Invasion and Alexander packs.

In addition, pick up this box of RTS delights and a shower of limited edition content will float into your waiting palms when you open it:

"The Total War Story", a 40-minute documentary detailing the past, present and future of the Total War series, featuring exclusive interviews, game footage and discussion of Med II

Exclusive preview material for Medieval II: Total War, including a poster, screenshots and artwork

Art booklet plucked from the Creative Assembly archives detailing the creation and evolution of the Total War series

Glossy A2 poster for Medieval II: Total War

Five art cards covering the whole Total War series

Marvellous! If you're a strategy or wargaming fan by some horrible mischance you've never experienced the exceptionally brilliant Total War series, then Eras is going to be a perfect place to start and an almost essential purchase

Via CVG (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=142271)