View Full Version : Customising Your Console The Easy Way With Decal Girls Skins and Faceplates

July 26th, 2006, 01:20
Decal Girl (http://www.myreferer.com/mydb/?R=04000A043A7A770E444152545440475641157F0E0202157 E0E575650525F545A415F3A0203023A050B020B) are the leaders in Skins and Customisation of Consoles, heres the list of consoles they cover:

Apple Mac Mini Skins
Gameboy Advance Skins
GameCube Skins + Wraps
iPod 3G Skins + Wraps
iPod 4G Skins + Wraps
iPod Mini Skins + Wraps
iPod Nano Skins
iPod Shuffle Skins
iPod Video (5G) Skins
Nintendo DS Lite Skins
Nintendo DS Skins
PS2 Skins + Wraps
Sony PSP Skins
Xbox 360 Controller Skins
Xbox 360 Faceplate Skins
Xbox 360 Skins
Xbox Skins + Wraps


Sony PSP Faceplates
Xbox 360 Colored Cases
Xbox 360 Faceplates

Heres some interesting skins:


Check them all out at Decal Girl.com (http://www.myreferer.com/mydb/?R=04000A043A7A770E444152545440475641157F0E0202157 E0E575650525F545A415F3A0203023A050B020B)