View Full Version : Confusion reigns at UK publishers over new format E3

August 1st, 2006, 19:14
News via Gamesindustry (http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=18683)

UK publishers clammed up today as the shock of E3's effective demise sinks in, with almost all of the biggest players refusing to offer comment without deferring to their US offices.

Major third party publishers such as THQ, Sega, Vivendi and Ubisoft are on lockdown, refusing to reveal anything about how the companies view ESA's move or whether or not they will be involved in E3's future.

Comments are expected before the end of the week - once the UK offices have talked to their US counterparts. Many publishers have said there is still much confusion over exactly how the new E3 will take shape, and how they plan to react accordingly.

Some of those GI.biz spoke to were prepared to comment, but only off the record - with one very senior executive observing that E3 is likely to be mourned more by retailers than publishers.

"As a retailer, it's the first chance you get to see everything," the source stated.

"As a publisher, all I really need to see are retailers and they're based around London. Our PR message ensures that the key people see our games anyway, whether it be via online or the press."

Another executive at a major third-party publisher told GI.biz: "I very much doubt we would ever pull out of E3."

However, the source applauded the move for change. "The show was reaching its pinnacle, and getting as big as it could get. It would be good to see it moved around," he said.

"Now Leipzig's coming along, and more and more people are going, everywhere you look. People are definitely taking Leipzig more seriously. But I think there's room for two," the source added.

As for the big three, Nintendo is the only platform holder to have confirmed an appearance at the new event so far, with both Microsoft and Sony remaining non-committal.