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August 10th, 2006, 12:35
Blaze PSP Protector Pack
Manufacturer: Blaze (http://www.xploder.net)
Site: Buy from Blaze (http://www.xploder.net/products/136/NEW-Blaze-PSP-Protector-Pack-1999.htm)
Price: $19.99

Overview : A collection of nine ‘must-have’ essentials to protect the PSP, games and UMD movies when on the move. INCLUDES Xploder Music Studio for PSP (normally 9.99).

Features :

Xploder Music Studio for PSP: Import your own Music CDs to MP3. Includes CD Database internet query for album, track and artist details. Create MP3, AAC and WAV playlists, music folders and more, then simply drag onto your PSP - for music on the go! You can also 'drag and drop' your AAC or MP3 songs from iTunes into Xploder Music Studio, copy to your PSP and listen on the move! Compatible with MP3, AAC and WAV music files.
UMD Radial Cleaner: With their own protective casing, UMDs are hard to clean. Leave them lying around and they'll soon accumulate dust and grime that in-turn causes potential playback problems. The UMD Radial Cleaner helps keep your UMD discs clean; Simply insert and UMD Movie or Game into the Radial Cleaner, and with just a few quick turns of the handle and the disc is free from dirt! The UMD Radial Cleaner uses a soft, non abrasive pad to remove dust quickly and efficiently, ensuring your UMDs and PSP run as smoothly as possible.
Crystal Protector Case: The Crystal Protector is a clear shell that encases your PSP for protection from knocks and scratches. The clear finish ensures your PSP still looks good, whilst the cut-outs enable you to play and access most functionality without the need to remove the Protector. The Crystal Protector has a simple 2 piece click-on, click-off design for easy attachment or removal.
Metal Armour Case: When you need the ultimate protection for your PSP, the Metal Armour Case fits the bill! Soft on the inside, hard on the outside, the Metal Armour Case takes all the knocks, whilst the padded interior ensures your PSP is safe and sound.
Screen Protector and Cloth: Protect your game screen from ugly scratches with the Screen Protector. Simply clean the PSP screen with the lint-free, non-abrasive cloth and attach the Screen Protector film. Can be easily removed and re-applied.
USB to PSP Cable with Charger: The easiest way to get connected. The cable features a standard PC USB connector at one end and a USB Mini connector at the other for connecting your PC to your PSP. Used with Windows or compatible software, you can 'drag and drop' your favourite movies, music, gamesaves and photos straight to your PSP Memory Stick. The cable also incorporates a USB Charger so you can charge your PSP from any USB enabled PC - eliminating the need to carry the bulky AC Adaptor around!
3x UMD Cases: Three robust UMD Cases for the safe transportation of your UMD Movies and Games - providing protection from dust, scratches and damage.

Quality/Usability : Since there are so many products to review in one review, I’ll make it short and simple:

Xploder Music Studio for PSP: You can read review here (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=27502)
UMD Radial Cleaner: Its pretty simple. Just open up Radial Cleaner, insert UMD, close Radial Cleaner and spin cover. It does a pretty good job at cleaning the UMD from dust or finger prints. It also comes with an extra swab incase the first one is dirty
Crystal Protector Case: The Crystal Protector Case is just a clear plastic covering. One for the back of the PSP and one for the front. Placing them onto the PSP is simple. Just snap them on. The front case has cut outs two big holes cut out for the buttons and directional pad. There are also openings for the buttons at the bottom of the PSP. Only drawback about the back case is that you can not access the UMD tray. So if you need to swap games, you need to remove the casing. Also, if you need to access the memory stick or battery, you have to remove the back casing.
Metal Armour Case: The case is similar to the Aero Case (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=23641) but with a metal look to it. Doesn’t hold any UMDs or memory sticks. Pretty good protection for the PSP.
Screen Protector and Cloth: The screen protector is clear and easy to apply. Also comes with a small card to help you smooth out the screen protector when applying. The cloth itself is clear as well and feels like a micro-fiber (same as used for wiping glasses).
USB to PSP Cable with Charger: Nothing special here. Transfers data to and from your PSP to PC. It also charges the PSP as well.
3x UMD Cases: The UMD cases are made of hard plastic. Similar to that of DVD, PS2, Xbox, DS cases. The UMDs fit snuggly in place and removing them from the case is pretty easy as well. Not much force is needed to separate them. It would have been nice if they were attachable to each other and maybe slightly smaller.

Conclusion : Overall, for the price of the Protector Pack, this is a great starter pack of accessories for you those new PSP owners. It has everything you need. The metal armour case, screen protector and USB data charger cable alone is worth it, as those are the most essential in protecting your PSP. But by now, if you own a PSP, you should have all if not majority of the stuff at hand already. This is great for those who are new to the PSP scene.

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