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August 17th, 2006, 02:44
Xploder Movie Player with Music Studio and Media Centre
Manufacturer: Blaze (http://www.xploder.net)
Site: Buy from Blaze (http://www.xploder.net/products/87/Xploder-Movie-Player-and-Media-Centre-for-PSP-1999.htm)
Price: $19.99

Overview : Blow your PSP wide open with Xploder PSP Movie Player and Media Centre and USB cable! Convert your movie collection (DivX, MPEG 1&2, AVI, MOV), convert CDs to MP3, manage your MP3, AAC, MP4, and WAV music collection, access the latest PSP cheat saves, organise your JPEG, BMP, PNG and TIF images and more!

Xploder PSP Movie Player and Media Centre is a movie conversion, media management and game enhancement kit available for anyone with a PSP console, connecting your PC to the PSP and giving you full control.

Xploder PSP Movie Player and Media Centre lets you convert your PC movie files (MPEG 1 & 2, DIVX, AVI, MOV) easily for playback on PSP - Now you can watch your favourite movies on the move! Simply drag and drop from PC panel to Memory Stick in Xploder PSP Movie Player and Media Centre and your movie gets converted automatically; it couldn't be simpler!

The PSP console is a handy MP3 player, and PSP Xploder Movie Player and Media Centre is the perfect application to help you catalogue your MP3s by artist or genre on PC, and then simply copy to your PSP for music on the go.

Whats even cooler is we've added a CD import function that lets you convert any of your CDs into MP3s! The PSP Media Centre even calls them by the correct song names!

PSP Xploder Movie Player also works alongside iTunes, allowing AAC or MP3 tracks to be “dragged and dropped” from iTunes* into the Music Studio and your PSP. Xploder Music Studio will even automatically change the extension of your iTunes AAC tracks from M4A to MP4 for seamless transfer to PSP.

You can Copy, Delete, Download and Upload saves and media files between PC, Memory Stick and Xploder online database, and save valuable space on your Memory Stick by backing up files to your PC.

The downloadable Xploder cheat saves let you get ahead in your new games instantly - includes cheat saves for top games including Burnout, Ridge Racer, Tony Hawk's Underground Remix, Wipeout Pure and more!

Download latest cheat saves for new releases and unlock new characters, secret levels and more tracks.

Xploder Movie Player and Media Centre for PSP utilizes real-time RSS technology to keep you updated with the latest PSP saves available for download, and other PSP news.

PSP Xploder Movie Player and Media Centre comes with a high speed USB cable to connect your PSP to your PC for quick and secure data transfer.

Quality/Usability : The Xploder Movie Player with Media Centre comes in a tin case. Inside the tin case is an instruction manual, software CD and USB cable that doubles as a data cable and charges your PSP. The purpose of the Movie Player is to load photos, movies and MP3s onto your PSP as simple as dragging files from one window to another. Movie files are automatically converted so that they can be played on your PSP. The Media Centre is compatible with MPEG 1, 2, 4, AVI, MOV and DIVX - it converts to MPEG4 automatically and makes it quick and easy to transfer the final file to your PSP. Sometimes it doesn’t work too well.

Also included is a MP3 ripping tool, which allows you to rip your CD's to mp3's directly onto the PSP's memory stick. You can also drag and drop MP3's from iTunes to the Media Centre, from where they can be transferred to the memory stick. The Media Centre helps you create playlists, obtain track and artist details, and even allows you to play music from iTunes on your PSP.

The Media Centre does not allow you to browse any files on your hard drive from where you can load them to your memory stick such as Desktop or any place on the hard drive where you have stored your files. You first need to copy files into four preset folders (saved games, movies, photos and music) from there, you can copy them to the memory stick.

The software itself is a bit slow at loading things. There were at times where I would click something and I would have to wait. There are benefits to using this software besides conversion and file management. You can download saved games from the Xploder website. You can connect to the database directly through the software, download the files to your PC, and then simply drag and drop them across to your PSP.

Conclusion : Overall, the software is good for those who are new to the PSP scene. This is a great all-in-one product to start off with. If you’re computer savvy, you probably don’t need this with a little search on other PSP sites or GOOGLE as there are other programs that lets you convert movies already. One thing that I noticed is that if you use this to convert movies, you’ll need a high capacity memory stick. Probably nothing lower than 1GB. The data/charger cable alone is a great product. It would have been nice if they could have had MAC support as well as there isn’t much support for that platform.

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