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February 12th, 2005, 20:55
Rockin-B has released a sound player for the Sega Saturn, heres the info from his Site (http://www.rockin-b.de/) [br][br] Midnight release: Saturn Sound Player + 2 dev tools [br]It loads windows wave files (.wav) and SEGA Saturn games sound files (.pcm .snd .ton)[br]from CD and let's you play them back with some options.[br]No streaming from CD, so files must be small and uncompressed, as well.[br]Find the secret menu![br]The archive ontains sample sound data and a ready to burn ISO.[br]If you want to add your own sounds to the cd, you will need Mkisofs.exe and Cygwin1.dll. in the directory where the makeisofs.bat file is. [br][br]New tools for Saturn dev:[br]RB_SaturnPCM.EXE (050210)[br]A bugfixed improvement of the former SSwavetools which let's you[br]- convert raw PCM sound data from game CD's to .wav files for listening[br](samplerate, resolution and mono/stereo is not known for those files, info must be provided by you.[br]You will have to try several times untill you find the right ones.[br]Some may be ADPCM encoded, although it got no .ADP extension)[br]- create own sound FX for homebrew Saturn games from .wav source files[br](and you can verify them with the Saturn Sound Player) [br][br]RB_SaturnDXF.EXE (050210)[br]This helps devvers to bring 3D models to Saturn. It's been successfully used for the Saturn Sound Player above. But it's at an early stage. The 3D data conversion involves multiple tools which all got their own bugs that have to be found out.[br]Read the README.TXT inside the archive for further information.