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September 14th, 2006, 20:50
Mini Power Cooling System
Manufacturer: Dragonplus
Site: Buy from Divineo China (http://www.divineo.cn/php/affstart.php?affcode=bandit&prod=psp-mpcool)
Price: $7.95

Overview : A cooling fan for PSP to increase your PSP lifetime (mainly the laser life time).

Features :

Strong and power wind
Compact size, light weight and high efficient cooling product
No need any extra power supply and built-in rechargeable battery pack for supply power
Quick charge 3 hours can continuous use 20 hours
Fully charge 4.5 hours can continuous use 30 hours or over

Quality/Usability : I know some of you have seen or heard about this but wondered what this is really used for and does it even work. Honestly, I don’t even know what the intended purpose of this is for. The Mini Power Cooling System attaches to the top of your PSP and is held in place by two screws. This covers your USB port. On the top of the cooling system is a ON/OFF switch, a DC port to plug your AC adapter into it to charge and a blue LED.

When you plug in the AC adapter, it recharges the internal rechargeable battery that is built in. When charging, a blue LED is lit.

I charged the cooling system for overnight and the led light still was blue even though it says charge 3-4.5 hours. When you turn on the cooling system, it makes a faint buzzing noise. I guess this is the “fan” blowing air. Honestly, I don’t feel no air or anything coming out even though it states “strong and power wind”. I don’t feel anything blowing out of the device. I don’t know if its suppose to cool your hands (if you’re a sweater) or inside the PSP. If it’s the latter, I don’t know where the air is suppose to go or what part is it trying to “cool” off.

Conclusion : Overall, this product isn’t good at all. Maybe I got a defective item? Even so, I have no idea what the purpose is or where the air is suppose to “cool” off. This is more of a novelty item than an actual product. I gave this item a 1 rating out of 10 because it actually turned on and charged...I think.

http://www.divineo.cn/divineo_support/products/psp-mpcool/img1.jpg (http://www.divineo.cn/divineo_support/products/psp-mpcool/big_img1.jpg)
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