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March 7th, 2005, 18:31
Microsoft's hat trick of top-notch Japanese games developers will be afforded the freedom to create whatever kind of game their genius dictates, according to Microsoft Game Studios' general manager Shane Kim.[br]"We don't want to be doing 'me too' titles," said Kim in an interview with GameSpot. "We're looking for that compelling idea. There's no question that we believe that the fundamental part of any of these guys' success is the passion for the idea."[br][br]In a move that surprised and delighted Xbox fans around the world, Microsoft last week announced that Hironobu Sakaguchi (creator of the Final Fantasy series), Tetsuya Mizuguchi (creator of Rez and Lumines), and Yoshiki Okamoto (Capcom legend and stalwart of the Resident Evil series) would create a range of Xbox 2-exclusive titles.[br][br]Kim emphasised that the next-generation Xbox will be the perfect platform for the developers to create new and innovative games. "They've got to be passionate that the platform is going to enable them to help them realize their creative visions. I think if you talk to these guys, that's exactly what they would say." [br]Kim also spoke of how having Sakaguchi-san, Mizuguchi-san and Okamoto-san on board the Xbox 2 gravy train would give Microsoft the chance to break into the Japanese market - an area the Xbox has struggled to penetrate.[br][br]"We haven't had the greatest amount of success in Japan this generation," he said. "In order for us to do well, we think we need to make a significant investment in the market, and I think we've done that."[br][br]Finally, Kim spoke of how he hoped the presence of such famous Japanese games industry names would attract both gamers and other developers to the system. "I think it sends a great message that guys of this stature are coming to work with us and making a big commitment to our platform."[br][br]More news on Saksguchi-san, Mizuguchi-san and Okamoto-san's Xbox 2 projects soon.