View Full Version : Xbox Xenon no show at GDC !

February 1st, 2005, 17:13
Microsoft has finally gone on record to confirm that the Xbox 2, or Xenon as it has now been codenamed, won't be appearing at this year's GDC.[br]Although we've received strong hints on this in recent weeks, it seems MS is going to keep its powder dry and save all its efforts up for a big push at E3, where it will finally unveil the next generation system. [br][br]There's been an abundance of rumour and speculation surrounding the unveiling of the console, with first Bill Gates' appearance at CES in early January first touted, and then next month's Game Developer Conference offered as possible Xenon debuts. [br][br]March's GDC was widely fancied, particularly given Xbox guru J Allard's a keynote speaker, MS's promise to be first to market and that the original Xbox was launched five years ago at the very same show. However, speaking to Reuters, an MS spokewoman finally confirmed that it was not to be so.[br]So by a process of elimination that should just leave E3, unless MS have a major pre-show coup up its sleeve, which given their gazillions of cash dollars you certainly can't rule out.[br][br]But it now looks like it's going to be a straight three-way shoot out between Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo as Xenon, PS3 and Revolution all launch with one almighty clash. [br][br]Amidst the blood and thunder, we'll be there to bring you the full story.