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January 31st, 2005, 18:49
Xbox 2 - or Xenon as we should now properly call it - is drawing ever closer with the first public showing rumoured to be either March's GDC (less likely on the form book if the current rumour mill is to be believed) or more likely the big jamboree that is E3 in May.[br]With the smart money now on a release before Christmas 2005, it's no surprise to find that major publishers are already up to their armpits in plans for the launch of Bill's big - though apparently not black - box, part two.[br][br]Well, following news of EA's plan for Need For Speed: Most Wanted and a host of other launch titles, news comes to us today of Activision's plans for the Xbox part deux.[br][br]Speaking on condition of strict anonymity, a well placed source confessed to us that he has received information on the following list of Activision games which are slated for Xbox 2. Hold your breath Xbox fans, cos here we go:[br]Quake 4[br]Tony Hawk's Underground 3[br]Ultimate Spiderman[br]Call of Duty 2[br][br]When we put this to an Activision spokesperson, he said: "We have absolutely no comment to make on Xbox 2 titles." [br][br]So while it's difficult to be 100 per cent sure of the info, we think the tip certainly has the ring of authenticity. Our source also suggest that the titles are currently pegged to retail at $59.99, which if a little steep, certainly bears out remarks from leading industry figures that next generation games will force you to dig deeper into your pockets.[br][br]Viewed objectively, all four titles are continuations of major franchises which Activision would be almost insane not to launch onto next-generation consoles.[br][br]Look at that line-up and think how saucy it would be to find Quake 4 as a launch title, backed up Call of Duty 2, THUG 3 and one of the biggest sellers of last year, Spider-Man.[br][br]An A-list line-up like that from a major publisher like Activision will also certainly add even more weight to Microsoft's arm if, as our source suggests, they'll be ready for the Xbox Xenon's launch.[br][br]More on this one as we have it, but remember where you read it first.

January 31st, 2005, 19:15
Gah $60 thats like 31, um if they are in fact that price i'll be well happy, thats cheaper than they currently are, having said that rip-off britain we'll get charged 50, bastards.