View Full Version : Halo 2 Expansion?

March 19th, 2005, 10:00
Gamespot has coverage of the appearance on an official Korean Xbox site of a "Halo 2 X-Pack". The possible expansion is another possible way for Bungie and Microsoft to get the heavily foreshadowed ending to fans of the series. From the article: "Such a Halo 2 expansion could be a twofold boon for Microsoft, adding another incentive for gamers to join its online service and squeezing further dollars from the nearly 7 million gamers who already have Halo 2."

March 22nd, 2005, 18:02
that would be M$ style but not Bungie, sure i sure if M$ had there way there would have been 5 halo games already and about 10 expansion packs

March 24th, 2005, 13:40
That would suck, especially for us who cant get live, or anyone who couldn afford it.