View Full Version : BDiamond_FBAxxx(20050320)

March 20th, 2005, 17:23
An unofficial FBAxxx, heres whats new:
- updated to FBA v0.2.95.23
- added 19xx Asia (CPS2)
- added Alien vs Predator Asia (CPS2)
- added Puzz Loop 2 (CPS2)
- added The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary (Kof2002 bootleg/hack)
- changed the way buttons are configured (much more simple now, simply press the button you want to assign)
- corrected support for 128MB XBoxes, I guess no more "slowmotion" (still untested because of a fried 128MB Xbox...)
- corrected Diagnostic mode problem with cave games, you can now go in and out of diagnostic mode by selecting it in the menu or with the 1st player BACK + WHITE combo during gameplay
- removed Autounibios (causing a lot more trouble than anything, option for lazy people)
- removed no CRC check (if CRC are checked, there is a very good reson)

it's all i can remember for now...

To play Puzz Loop 2 with analog controls (left thumbstick):
put the provided pzloop2j.fs in folder E:\TDATA\ffff0504\cfg\

alternatively, you can enter the diagnostic mode and do the following:
- select 7th line (labelled 7) with button 1 (well it's simple, the game only allow 1 button)
- select first line (labelled 1) press button,
- select the 7th line and move the pad left/right until you see "2(some japanese characters)"
- select the last line, press button
- select last line (labelled 4) press button
- select last line (labelled 9) press button

now, you can play with left/right to rotate (believe me, it's FAR better than a digital control)
As ever hit the usual sources for it