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March 24th, 2005, 19:05
Keith posted this at <a href="http://www.emufanatics.com/" target="_blank" >Emufanatics</a>

<BLOCKQUOTE>SF_ has posted a small work in progress report over at NGEmu's forums. Was posted on the 22nd, but NGEmu is experiencing some stability issues lately so took awhile before I saw the update.

Here is what _SF_ posted on the forums. ( Note: Questions are from another member and the answers are from _SF_)

"Are you going through each xdk like caustik has to, or have you found another method?"

I'm making it lower-level, so the XDK version shouldn't matter anymore. I'm busy with other stuff though so it's taking a while.

"And what is this new emulator you say you are working on?"

Maybe I'll reveal it later, but it's not really ready right now. It does have some interesting stuff in it that I'd like to show though.

"Good to see you're alive and you're at least a little active with the project :)"

Thanks, I'll try to put in some more work on Xeon. :D

Xeon is an Xbox Emulator for Windows.