View Full Version : Customisable Xbox 2 Dreams Revealed !

March 24th, 2005, 19:59
Speaking to leading trade publication MCV this week, Xbox frontman J Allard made an allusion that the next-generation Xbox will come in various forms rather than a standard unit as was expected.
"We have ways. We have ideas. Look at cell phones. You can have snap-on faceplates, you can change the skin and the batteries, and you can change the ringtones. I think we need to have a global foundation, and then personalise within region."

Going on to discuss the possibility of a hard-drive for Xbox, Allard again lent weight to escalating speculation that moving state mass storage might be an optional extra for Xbox 360, or not included at all. "My cell phone is incredibly personalized without a hard drive," he said. "One reason is because of the great connection to the service."

March 25th, 2005, 17:00
A customisable dashboard, and express-on covers then?