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December 17th, 2006, 23:02
Wii Controller Glove
Manufacturer: Bensussen, Deutsch & Associates (BD&A)
Site: Various stores (BestBuy, EB, GameStop, CircuityCity, Toys'R'Us, Target, Walmart, etc.)
Price: $8.99-$24.99

Overview : Shield your Wii controller from the wear and tear of frequent gameplay with this pair of protective gloves. Once the glove is placed over the wireless remote, you can get a better grip and enjoy enhanced playability. Keep the glove on, even after you're finished playing, for prolonged protection.

Made of slip-free silicone, the gloves will fit your controller perfectly. As a serious gamer, you need to have a firm grip on the controller to bring home a victory. Make sure it stays put in the palm of your hand with the gloves in this practical pair.

Quality/Usability : Even before the Nintendo Wii was officially released, Target had these for sale. There were two packs that had 3 in each. One pack has Zelda Edition (green), black/clear, grey/black. The second pack has Mario Edition (red), blue and pink. Eventually, stores all other stores started to sell them separately or in two-packs and have more colors for users to choose from such as orange and the colors listed above (not including the Limited Edition skins). Great thing about these skins is that they were Official Nintendo products and have WII stamped on it. Certain colors also glow in the dark (I know pink does and probably blue, others dont).

Applying the skin is fairly hard at first. Since its new, the rubber will be tight to fit on the Wii Remote. When you remove it and put it on a couple of times, it gets easier. Once its on, it fits perfectly.

All buttons are accessible but the (-) and (+) and HOME button do get covered by the skin since it is no longer bulging out. If this bothers some of you, you can simply make the holes bigger. The comfort of the skin is very nice and doesnt add any extra thickness or weight to it.

Having to remove the glove to gain access to battery compartment can be a hassle for those who use cheap AA batteries. Hopefully, a company will release a rechargeable battery pack that doesnt require removing batteries from the remote.

The controller glove also comes with a matching wrist strap but unlike the Official wrist strap, it does not have the feature of tightening the strap to your wrist. I personally still use the original strap.

Conclusion : Overall, the Wii Controller Glove is a great investment. If you have sweaty hands when playing games, this will eliminate the possibility of your Wii Remote flying across the room or even into your expensive television set. It would of been nice if they also included a glove for the nunchuk. They do know that both hands sweat right?

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March 10th, 2007, 05:19
I get mine off ebay, I currently have 2 controllers and 2 skins! :p