View Full Version : Halo 2 Expansion News

April 1st, 2005, 14:18
Word has reached the ears of C&VG.com this morning that the forthcoming expansion for Halo 2 is to feature a special bonus in the shape of a side-scrolling, action-platform mini-game.
Speaking under strict conditions of anonymity, an industry source stated that the hidden, unlockable extra will allow fans to play through several of the original Halo levels in 2D.

Although our source was unwilling - or perhaps unable - to reveal how this mini-game will be unlocked, they did have one extremely interesting piece if information to divulge - rather than playing Master Chief, players will in fact control female version of the trooper Mistress Chiefette.

Mistress Chiefette will apparently be bedecked in vibrant pink battle armour, although it's unknown whether her identity will be depicted physically with impressive lady bumps on the chest plate.
In terms of levels, we know that the famous Library map at least is being recreated in 2D, which is good news as it went down a storm with fans.

Halo's full arsenal is expected to be present, and we've also been informed of a diversionary weapon called a handbag which Mistress Chiefette can apparently throw into a group of Covenant, enemies then forced to boogie around the lady's second best friend (the first being the mate who always accompanies them to the toilet) for several seconds.

Unfortunately our source was a little vague when it came to vehicles that are being included, although they assured us that a version of the Warthog - called the Wartsow - will feature.