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April 4th, 2005, 19:13
More dark snippets from the rumour mill today, this time concerning Xbox 2's hard drive capabilities ...again.
This is a subject that has been much discussed before, with various dark hints, conjecture and additional rumours adding petrol to the bonfire. Will Xbox 2have a hard disk? Will it not? Will it be removable, will it be fixed? Will it come in a number of flavours and sizes depending on which Xbox 2 edition you buy?

The list of hard drive rumours is almost endless but there's further speculation from US magazines today saying that Xbox 2 will not only have a hard drive, but that it will be removable and portable, so that you can carry around all your favourite games, saves and preferences, as well as MP3 files and video, possibly slotting them into other Xbox 2s to share this stuff with your friends and relations.

Our response? Well it's certainly a possibility. For our money Xbox 2 boasting a hard drive is almost a no-brainer, as it is offers one of the original Xbox's most significant advantages in this current generation, allowing you to store additional content, being key to Live and now so cheap, it won't significantly add to production costs.
On the other hand: a portable hard drive? Well it's feasible but not necessarily so. Why? Well broadband's so quick now you can share a lot of this stuff over the ether anyway, so why make your HD portable unless you want people to actually physically lug their digital data around or want to integrate it into another portable device?

So there you have it, or not. Portable HD a key feature or far out and futile? Let us know in the forums

April 6th, 2005, 17:45
Looks like i was quicker than them on hinting about MP3 compatability, jeez i coulg write some of this stuff!