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January 19th, 2007, 03:09
PSP LCD Remote with FM Radio
Manufacturer: Game Brain
Site: Buy from Goldenshop (http://www.goldenshop.com.hk/AI-trad/psp/fmremote.htm)
Price: $19.00

Overview : Alternative remote headset for the PSP. Now you can listen to FM radio using your PSP.

Features :

High quality 3rd party product.
Full remote function of PSP.
Built in super high sensitive FM radio, easy to switch between radio mode or PSP mode.
No need to add any battery - get the power from the PSP console.

Quality/Usability : When I saw this product, I wasnt expecting to see a remote headset WITH a FM radio on it. So I had to see it for myself.

The package only comes with the remote and no headphones. You'll have to supply those yourself. The remote has a smooth rubberish feel to it. The remote itself is approximately 2.5 inches (l) x 1 inches (w) x 0.5 inches (d). With the wire, the remote measures 28.5 inches long.

On the front of the remote, you have the LCD screen (green) and to the left of it, a PLAY/PAUSE button. The top has a HOLD OFF/ON switch and a PSP/RADIO switch. The bottom of the remote has two buttons, a FF/CH- : REW/CH+ and VOL-/DOWN : VOL+/UP. The back of the remote is a clip. The clip is pretty big unlike the Sony Remote's clip and measures 1.5 inches.

To power on the remote, all you have to do is plug it into the PSP and the remote is automatically on. If you have it set to PSP, you can hear all in-game sound, MP3s and movies through the remote. If you have it switched to RADIO, this will turn on the radio. You can switch to any FM station that is available within your location.

The remote holds up to 40 presets for all your favorite radio stations. I must say, the quality is superb. I hardly get any static. Its even better than my Sony Ericsson w810i camera phone. But dont expect any bumpin' bass though. You can either scan through radio stations or go through each station until you find one. Since the remote runs on the PSPs battery, it does not take much power at all.

During movie and music playback, the buttons does what its suppose to do. PLAY/PAUSE does what it says. FF and REW only does it once. You cant have it FF faster (x2, x3) or REW (x2, x3).

Conclusion : Overall, the PSP LCD Remote with FM Radio is a great product. This is by far the best remote on the market. Not only does it have clarity, but the radio is awesome and doesnt drain the battery at all (it does but not noticeable). My only complaint is that there is no ON/OFF button. When you have the remote plugged in, its automatically on. So if you want the remote off, you have to unplug it from the system.

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