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April 7th, 2005, 17:19
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<BLOCKQUOTE>Check in to hell. An intensified, all senses challenging version of hell. Doom 3, without a doubt, is your ticket to the most extreme that First Person Shooter godfathers of ID Software could dress up their infamous genre establishing brainchild of 1993 in. Science has unlocked the gates to the unknown and now only one man stands between the forces of evil and earth.

TV Commercial (19mb - mov)
Gameplay Trailer (36mb - mov)

Expect a truly sci-fi horror masterpiece, launching a dramatic storyline, pulse-pounding action and incredible graphics at gamers in order to draw them into the richest frightening and gripping First Person Shooter gaming experience ever created.

If like me, your computer wimped out at the mere thought of running Doom 3, Xbox is the version you've been waiting for, but why sacrifice playability just because it's on a console? Over on the forums there's talk of how well Doom 3 goes together with SmartJoy FRAG, for example how "the mouse is flawless in it", and how "you'd be crazy not to get this game if you have a SJF!" So turn off the lights, crank up the sound, have a fresh pair of underpants ready, and grasp your keyboard and mouse... cause this is Doom 3 how it's meant to be. The game provides brilliant options to help FRAG users, such as the ability to customize the X and Y axis sensitivity, and to turn off Spring Aim and Aim Assist, which are helpful for controller users but just plain disturbances for KBAM players. For US$ 28.90 you'll be fps-ing like hell, without the need of adding new expensive graphics and 3D acceleration cards to your PC.

What makes Doom 3 for Xbox so fantastic is that it allows you to team up with a buddy and chainsaw your way through the relentless hordes of monsters via Xbox Live! The standalone US copy features the Xbox Live exclusive 2-player co-op campaign as well as system-link enabled and online multiplayer for US$ 59.90. Get the Asia Limited Collector's Edition to also receive complete versions of Ultimate Doom and Doom II with full single-player as well as 2-4 player spilt-screen co-op and death match on one Xbox, along with bonus material like ID interviews, a G4 Icon Feature (Behind the scenes of Doom 3) and concept art. Not to be missed due to the small price tag: this superb package ships for only US$ 49.90 at Lik Sang!