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January 27th, 2007, 04:29
Wii Sports Pack Extensions
Manufacturer: PEGA
Site: Buy from Renchi (http://www.renchi.com/renchi/Wii_Accessories_Wii_Sports_Pack_PEGA_for_Wiimote_e xtensions.htm)
Price: $24.50

Overview : Do you have the feeling the Wii-mote is a tad short for Wii Golf? or don't have the same swing feel as a tennis racquet? or don't get the same momentum you would have thought you get during the Wii Baseball game? Fear no more with this little set of extensions for your Wiimote should improve your Wii sports experience. It's still far from a Prince or a Callaway, but you have to start somewhere.

Quality/Usability : When the Wii launched, there were pictures of attachments for Wii Sports on the web and you thought to yourself "is this for real?" or "I am getting this!". Me? I'm the latter.

With the Wii Sports Pack Extensions, it adds a whole new level to sillyness. You think the concept of the Wii remote where you move around to control is silly? Just wait until you slap these extensions on. The sports pack comes with one holder for the Wii remote controller and three extensions; tennis, golf and baseball. The attachments are made of plastic.

When I first saw images I was saying to myself, how will these attachments stay on without flying off. Well its simple. The attachments slide into the holder. Although they fit pretty snug, to add extra precaution, there is a switch type tab that you slide to lock and to secure it in place.

The holder itself doesnt add much thickness to the remote itself. Not too mention, it has an opening for the "B" button, wrist strap and even has grooves for grip. Holding the holder is comfortable. Even with the attachments on, it still feels light in the hands.

Does it improve your gameplay? I cant say for sure but I did do better in golf and baseball. With tennis, I couldnt tell but it just felt like I was holding a real racket.

Conclusion : Overall, the Wii Sports Pack is a great gimmick that works great with the new innovative control scheme of the Nintendo Wii! The sports pack adds a new uniqueness to gameplay and gives somewhat of a realistic feel..but not really. Now you dont have to feel like you're swinging at air and just make sure that you're not too close to anyone or any objects. Would of been sweet if they incorporated a boxing glove type attachment. Dont know how bowling would work out though. Not to mention, if you use a skin with your Wii controller, you'll have to remove it inorder for it to fit inside the holder.


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