View Full Version : First shots of the Xbox 360 controller?

April 10th, 2005, 20:45
When youíve got shots like these to work with, you canít ever be so positive about their validity (we know, we know). But itís circulating that what weíve got here are some leaked shots of the Xbox 2/Xbox 360 controllerókind of unlikely given how MS is apparently now apparently prone to using decoys to draw out moles in the project, but weíll bite anyway. Note that you donít see any wires, but you do see what appears to be a battery pack. Yum!

April 10th, 2005, 21:49
Kinda look like the Dreamcast controllers.

April 11th, 2005, 11:16
very dcish, but i think thats just because of the bulge in the back of it.