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January 29th, 2007, 23:57
Griffin RoadDock PSP
Manufacturer: Griffin Technology
Site: Buy from Griffin (http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/roaddockpsp/)
Price: $29.99

Overview : RoadDock is an ultra-versatile mounting system that allows hands-free viewing of your PSP.

RoadDock features a 2-inch-wide adjustable nylon strap that securely fastens your PSP to any vehicle headrest, airplane seatback, etc. RoadDock's sturdy cradle snaps onto your PSP and provides built-in tilt and 360 rotation.

All this adjustability translates into comfortable viewing angles for passengers of all sizes. Just lock PSP into RoadDock's cradle, snap RoadDock around any headrest, and sit back to enjoy your movies and tunes. Keeping the kids (big and small) entertained in the back seat just got easier by an order of magnitude.

Quality/Usability : The Griffin RoadDock mounting strap simply clips onto your PSP and straps onto just about any car headrest even on the visor. The PSP bracket that holds the PSP is made of durable plastic and rotates 360 degrees and also tilts so you can get a better viewing angle of the PSP.

Once the PSP was placed onto the RoadDock and the RoadDock strapped onto a car headrest, it was time to test it out. I tested the RoadDock on three types of headset. You have the headrest that is attached to the seat itself, then you have the headrest that moves up and down and another headrest that moves up and down but has a hole in the middle (racing type). With the test on all three headrest, the RoadDock did not move at all. I did not have to adjust the strap or have to tilt the PSP. Mind you, this was tested in New York City and the roads are pretty horrendous.

Griffin Technology was also nice enough to send their iTrip FM Transmitter PSP (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=55402) as well. Luckily, the RoadDock was able to grip onto the PSP with the iTrip FM transmitter attached. How? On the iTrip, there is a small groove on the bottom of the iTrip that the RoadDock can slip into. This is great to have sound transmitted through your car speakers instead of using headphones.

Conclusion : Overall, the Griffin RoadDock PSP is a great product to keep your young ones entertained during those long roadtrips to grandmas. It can even be an alternative to those integrated built-in LCD monitors in the headrest. For the price of $29.99, it does seem a bit pricey for just an accessory.

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