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February 1st, 2007, 00:30
Zoozen Disc Protector 360
Manufacturer: Zoozen (http://www.zoozen.com)
Site: Buy from Divineo US (http://www.divineo.com/php/affstart.php?affcode=bandit&prod=zz-36-protec) / Buy from Divineo China (http://www.divineo.cn/php/affstart.php?affcode=bandit&prod=360-tp3)
Price: $9.99

Overview : One of the biggest flaw of the Xbox 360 (among the many qualities that makes it an amazing videogame machine) is the problem of damaged/scratched CD/DVD discs, mostly when the console is moved while reading a disc.

Zoozen came up with a simple, easy to install solution to once for all fix this problem!

The Protector 360 is easy to install, only requires a minute to do so, and with its low price is a great deal to protect your expensive games!

And the best thing with this product is that it DOES NOT VOID your xbox360 warranty, since you dont have to open the console.

Quality/Usability : Some of you Xbox 360 owners are afraid of your disc being scratched or are already scratched by the DVD-ROM. This can be caused by minor shaking to the system, moving the system while a disc is loaded inside the system or just a faulty DVD-ROM.

Zoozen has come up with a solution to the scratching problems. They have developed a product called Disc Protector 360. The product is very small and it will help your DVD's live longer.

With this product installed, not only does it NOT require you open your Xbox 360 nor does it void your warranty but now you can place your console in any position without harming your DVDs.

The Disc Protector 360 includes 3 rubber-like pads. These pads are placed on the inner side of the DVD drive. Installation takes a mere 2 mins regardless of experience. All you do is place the 3 pads onto the "mount" On this mount is a piece of cardboard and a plastic circle tube with a straw coming out at one end. On this cardboard, there are three "ditches". In these ditches is where you will place the three pads. Once you have placed the pads, you remove the sticker on the pads to expose the adhesive side of the pads.

Insert the "mount" onto the DVD tray and close it. Once the DVD tray is closed, you'll have to blow on the end with the straw to inflate the tube. What this will do is lift the mount and the pads will stick onto your drive. Once these pads are in place, it will prevent your discs from scratching.

Conclusion : Overall, the Zoozen Disc Protector 360 is a unique product and cheap at the same time. Those having problems with discs being scratched may want to take a look at this product to help solve the situation.

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February 1st, 2007, 00:42
Interesting idea. I might just have to check this out...

June 10th, 2008, 09:19
It is much easier to do this without having to buy this equipment :/

But then again, the way I did it involved me opening the console.... I had no warranty anyway!