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February 2nd, 2007, 03:34
Nyko Intelligent Remote 360
Manufacturer: Nyko
Site: Buy from Nyko (http://www.nyko.com/nyko/products/?i=73)
Price: $19.99

Overview : Control your Xbox 360 and TV with 1 remote. Never be burdened with programming remotes again. The Intelligent Remote 360 is a self programming remote for the Xbox 360 that learns the functions for other remotes without the hassle of universal codes or software. Simply select the function on the remote that you would like the Intelligent Remote to learn, point the remotes toward each other, and with the press of a button the data is transferred instantly. This allows for convenient access to the 360’s functions while using other common devices like the TV, Stereo, etc, all from the same remote. The Intelligent Remote eliminates the need for switching between remotes and takes the hassle out of the setup.

Features :

Control your Xbox 360 and other devices like the TV, stereo, etc, with one remote
Built-in "Smart" function learns from existing remotes, no codes or software required
Back-lit buttons are clearly marked and simple to use
The remote turns on and off automatically to maximize battery life
Runs on 2 AAA batteries (included)

Quality/Usability : Nyko's Intelligent Remote 360 covers majority of the basic features of media playback. What is nice about the remote is that you can have it "learn" commands from other infrared remotes allowing the remote to control your Xbox 360 and TV.

Although Nyko's Intelligent Remote is similar to Microsoft's Universal Media Remote, there are some slight differences. IR is wider (measures approximately 1 inch deep, 8.25 inches long and 2 inches wide), two buttons have been added under the mute control (AV and SET) and the START button replaces the Media Center button that would have been on the Universal Media Remote. The backlight lights up green when a button is pressed but is not as bright. The remote also weighs approximately 5 ounces with two AAA batteries installed (batteries included with Intelligent Remote).

What makes the Intelligent Remote unique and different is the "smart" feature. This allows you to map functions from other remotes onto 22 buttons. In order for the remote to learn these functions, you have to face the Intelligent Remotes infrared sensor and the other remotes infrared sensor at each other. Although this is a great feature its not always 100% accurate. Its a hit or miss and only way to find out if the Intelligent Remote has "learned" the function is by trying it out. So it can get annoying.

What can also get annoying sometimes is that the START button can be misleading. Pressing the button brings the Xbox 360 into the dashboard directly rather than pausing like it would on a controller.

Conclusion : Overall, the Nyko Intelligent Remote 360 is a great alternative to Microsoft's Universal Remote. With a cheap price tag of $19.99, its affordable. Although, certain buttons and functions can get annoying. The two AAA batteries last a good before you have to replace them.

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