View Full Version : Xbox 360 to come in white?

April 13th, 2005, 18:09
There are none of the usual array of blurry cameraphone pics to back this up, but Eurogamer is claiming that Microsoft’s next-gen console has been spotted in the UK, and that, get this: it’s white. Or at least it’s probably going to be white. They’re saying that it could turn out to be silver-colored instead, though if it were white that would match those leaked controller pics that surfaced over the weekend (oh, and save your comments about them ripping off Apple, no one owns the color white, ok?). They’re also confirming that the name for the new console will indeed be called the Xbox 360 (just like we said it would be), and that it will have a concave design, stand upright (or at least that you’ll have the option of positioning it that way), and sport a logo that is a “simple, round nexus” (whatever that means).