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February 5th, 2007, 23:45
Penguin United DS 24 Game Card Collection Pouch
Manufacturer: Penguin United
Site: Buy from Penguin United (http://penguinunited.com/proddetail.php?prod=PU012)
Price: $9.99

Overview : Keep track of your DS games all in one location without having to worry about losing them.

Features :

Fits up to 24 games! The only game card holder for serious ds gamer.
Transparent Inner Pages for full view of your games collection.
Fit 6 Nintendo DS game cards per page, with 4 inner pages to fit up to 24 games
Make of Premium Material - Not from real leather so no animal was harmed.

Quality/Usability : Penguin United has sent us their DS Game Card Collection Pouch. Packaging of the products is really nice. The Pouch is available in two colors, gray/white and red/white.

The case is made of leather and has a zipper going around the case to secure your games. The quality is very good. The case itself measures 4.5 inches wide, 6 inches tall, 1 inch thick. When you unzip the case, there are four plastic sleeves. Each sleeve holds 6 games (total of 24 games). The sleeves is made from plastic vinyl similar to that used for sports cards.

Inserting the games is fairly easy and the same goes for removing. Considering its plastic, you would think that the plastics would stick together but it doesnt. The sleeves are binded together and placed onto a plastic backing. The backing is then slipped into each side of the case and under a pouch. Similar to the Trapper Keeper back in grade school. Although its not stated on the package but you can insert some manuals or papers in these pouches.

Conclusion : Overall, the Penguin United DS Game Card Collection Pouch is a nice product. It holds up to 24 games and isnt bulky. Fits nicely into a backpack. Would have been nice if there was a different version that featured a flap with a magnetic button closure rather than a zipper that kind of resembles a daily planner. Also maybe a smaller version that holds 5-10 games for those who would like to keep the pouch in the pocket?

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