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February 7th, 2007, 12:41
Whether you want to make your SONY PSP™ stand out in the crowd or just need to replace a scratched, worn or cracked stock black faceplate; the high quality CAMY PRO GEAR ™ faceplate kits will allow you to quickly and easily give your PSP ™a hot new look.

To be available in blue, red, yellow, black or white; each CAMY PRO GEAR™ faceplate color is professionally designed in DUAL INJECTION molds which gives your faceplate an extra crystal look accenting the color by putting a clear plastic layer on top of the color plastic layer, just like the original PSP™ faceplate on your PSP™.

CAMY PRO GEAR™ faceplate is the first aftermarket DUAL INJECTION PSP™ faceplate in the market today!

Why is DUAL INJECTION different?
CAMY PRO GEAR™ faceplates are actually created using two individual layers, the colour layer and the clear outer layer, just like the official SONY PSP™ stock faceplate.

This completely removes the ridge effect around the display lens normally found on replacement faceplates, as the clear layer is actually used for the lens!

Why should i switch?
Unlike current faceplates on the market, CAMY PRO GEAR™ DUAL INJECTION faceplates do not suffer from incorrect or tight fitting, which makes installation easier and keeps button functionality as good as the stock faceplates.

Camy Pro Gear recently launched their website with the release of their new PSP faceplates. The faceplates are DUAL INJECTED meaning the main faceplate itself is one coating and the second is a clear coating similar to that of the original PSP faceplate.

Currently DecalGirl.com (http://www.myreferer.com/mydb/?M=decalgirl&ID=chino&L=5), Llamma's Adventure (http://www.llamma.com), and VideoGameAdvantage (http://www.videogameadvantage.com) are the only distributors in the US.

http://www.camyprogear.com/products/dragon/SilverDragonFrontSM.jpg (http://www.camyprogear.com/products/dragon/SilverDragonFront.jpg) http://www.camyprogear.com/products/dragon/GoldDragonFrontSM.jpg (http://www.camyprogear.com/products/dragon/GoldDragonFront.jpg) http://camyinternational.com/products/packaging/unpackedSM.jpg (http://camyinternational.com/products/packaging/unpacked.jpg)
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Source: Camy Pro Gear (http://www.camyprogear.com)