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February 9th, 2007, 00:30
Wii Steering Wheel
Manufacturer: PEGA
Site: Buy from Goldenshop (http://www.goldenshop.com.hk/AI-trad/wii/steerwheel.htm)
Price: $10.00

Overview : Simulation controlling, let you feel real and exciting. Enhance the joy of playing games.

Quality/Usability : With racing games such as GT Pro and Excite Truck, holding the Wii Remote normal feels a little awkward..well to me that is. I want something that resembles a car steering wheel or maybe get that fake feel of actually driving (minus the gas pedals).

The game GT Pro came bundled with a steering wheel but for those who didnt purchase GT Pro but purchased Excite Truck was left steering wheel-less. Thats where 3rd party manufacturers come in. PEGA has been jumping on every opportunity when it comes to designing and ideas for Wii peripherals. Their latest is the Steering Wheel.

The Steering Wheel is one piece. You place the Wii Remote controller into the slot and start playing. On each side of the slot where the Wii Remote goes into, there are small padding to keep the controller from scratching. On the back of the Steering Wheel is an opening for the B button, thus allowing easy access. Slipping the controller in and out is easy and doesnt take any strength.

If you're like me, who uses a case on the Wii Remote, you'll have to take it off in order for the controller to fit into the Steering Wheel. Also, if you're using a wrist strap (which you should be), you'll either have to take it off (if you're not using Nintendo straps) of it will be somewhat in your way.

Conclusion : Overall, the Wii Steering Wheel is a nice product but has some minor flaws. I personally would like to see some grooves of some sort for better grip. An opening even a small one so that the Wii wrist strap can go through. The price is very affordable.

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March 10th, 2007, 05:22
looks like something snapped off've a babys toy