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June 9th, 2004, 18:39
One of the other active Dreamcast emulators for windows being worked on is DustCream, heres some news translated from Consollection (http://www.consollection.com/) [br][br] You do not inquiètez... DustCream is always under development. Nicos and Patate are still far from splendid Chanka and the challenge is d'autant more exitant. Nicos finished are new plugin graphic optimized for DirectX v9 and Patate succeeded has to launch Sonic Adventure showing for the moment only l'écran of the VMU. While waiting for more d information on the site of l emulator, here some captures: [br][br]So basically they are still working on the emulator and also Consollection have some great screenshots posted Here (http://www.consollection.com/index.php?id_news=5502&rub=comment)