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February 13th, 2007, 04:58
Wii Boxing Gloves
Manufacturer: PEGA
Site: Buy from Goldenshop (http://www.goldenshop.com.hk/AI-trad/wii/boxinglove.htm)
Price: $22.00

Overview : Feel like you're in the ring with Mike Tyson, without having to get your ear bitten off! This cool product from Pega brings new life to the boxing game in the Wii Sports package. Simply stick your Nunchuk and Wii-mote controllers into each glove, link them up and it's seconds out, Round 1! Gloves are fully padded to protect you, the controllers and whoever you might accidentily hit! Adjustable straps to suit most sizes. Get one, it's a lot of fun!

Features :

High quality 3rd party product.
Enhance the joy of playing.
Easy to use.

Quality/Usability : As we were the first ones to bring you news regarding the Wii Boxing Gloves (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=51625). We also mentioned that we would bring a review as well and here is the very first Wii Boxing Gloves REVIEW!

So how is it? Its got its share of good and of course, its got its share of bad. So lets start the review!. The quality of the gloves are well made. Its light weight and feels great in the hands. There are velcro straps to tighten the gloves to your hands. The glove itself is pretty much a one size fits all. If you have small hands, it will be loose.

Now the controllers. The controllers go inside the big padded pouch. Right hand for Wii Remote and left hand for the Nunchuk. Inside the pouch is a styrofoam cushin with cutouts for the shape of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. The cord on the attachment and strap on the Wii Remote go through a little opening on the flap cover of the gloves. Once the Wii Remote and Nunchuk are connected together and placed inside the cushion and the cushion is inside the glove, thats when we run into problems.

Theres no way to press buttons. In order to press buttons, you have to remove the styrofoam cushion to access the Wii Remote. Putting it back together to get ready to play a game isnt easy either as you'll need two free hands to help shove the cushion into the pouch of the glove. The time it takes to put the cushion/controller into the pouch, you're getting your butt whooped by your computer opponent. If you use controller gloves like I do, its a very very tight fit and you'll need to take them off if you're using a glove..thats if you want to use the cushion.

Even if you take out the cushion and just stick the remotes into the pouch, you'll be able to access the buttons but you still have problems. Once the Wii Remote is placed into the glove, you cant select anything on the screen since the Wii Sensor Bar doesnt recognize the Wii Remote since the glove is blocking the IR. So you'll have to take the Wii Remote out just to aim and select what you want. Once you have selected what you want, you have to stick the remote back into the glove. At least this option is a little easier than with the styrofoam cushion.

If you're able to put up with all that hassle, gameplay is somewhat smooth sailing. Although the Wii Sensor Bar doesnt recognize the Wii Remote for you to point and select your options, it recognizes the movement of the controllers..but not completely accurate. Just holding the controllers without the use of gloves isnt accurate to begin with. Its a little harder to do uppercuts and those side-punches. Since the wires are coming out of the top of the controller gloves, the cord may get in the way of gameplay.

Conclusion : Overall, the Wii Boxing Gloves is just a gimmick. The idea is great but the design is poor. Cord being in the way, Wii Remote not being recognized when it comes to selecting things thus having to remove the styrofoam cushion and remote just to select what you want. By the time you're done fiddling with selecting and placing it back into the pouch, you dont want to bother anymore. You're pretty much either in between rounds resting or given up and got KO'd.

If they were to revise the controller glove, I suggest not having the styrofoam cushion over the remote but under it. This will allow user to have access to buttons without having to take out the controller. A cut out for the IR would be need so it is visible to communicate with the sensor bar. And maybe something with the wires where they are at the bottom of the glove rather than at the top. There were a couple of times where I got smacked in the face.


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March 10th, 2007, 16:55
nice review alot of hassle for gloves.