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February 16th, 2007, 01:59
Wii PAK Carry Bag
Manufacturer: PEGA
Site: Buy from Brando (http://videogame.brando.com.hk/prod_detail.php?prod_id=00433)
Price: $17.00

Overview : This carrying bag is specially designed for the Wii console. It provides slots for you to place the Wii console, controllers, games and other accessories.

Features :

Protect your Wii and accessories in transport
Convenient to carry
Double zipper design

Quality/Usability : Everytime I go to a relatives house, I bring my Nintendo Wii with me as it is a great console for get-togethers and will get everyone involved. I have been using my promo Nintendo GameCube Messenger bag that I received from E3 a couple years ago. Although it carried all accessories and my console, it lacked protection. I had to put the sensor bar in a padded envelope, Wii console in a box, controllers in a bag and cables just thrown into the bag. With all that shoved in to the bag, it still left some room for my games (with cases).

I thought it was time to move the Wii out of the messenger bag into a case that was more fitted for the Wii. Thats where the Wii PAK Carry Bag comes in. By the looks of the picture, the bag looks big. But dont let that fooled you because it fooled me. Once you see it up close and personal, the case is actually small.

There is a two compartments. One is for the Wii console itself and the other is for your controllers. Theres also a zippered pocket on the front, velcro pocket on the back and when you open the big main compartment that holds the Wii, there is four little pouches and five disc holders.

The main compartment holds the Nintendo Wii console. The Wii fits snug inside but once its placed it, there is an open area (see image below). What I did was place the stand that came with the console on top. This will prevent the system from moving during transit. Since this compartment is the biggest, I also shoved in the sensor bar and tucked the cables into the little pouch that holds the Wii in place. The image below shows the sensor bar on top of the Wii console, which you can also do if you dont use the stand.

The second compartment is for your controllers/cables/power adapter. There are two elastic bands to hold your accessories in place. I personally use it just for my cables/power adapter considering I have two Wii Remotes and two Nunchuks and both have controller gloves on the, I wouldnt be able to fit them all into that little pouch.

On the front of the second compartment is a zippered pocket. This would be perfect for your manuals or anything small and thin. You wouldnt be able to fit anything else in there. The same goes for the back side of the bag with the velcro pouch. This is only good for documents as its a really really tight fit.

Lets go back to the main compartment. On the opposite side of where the Wii is stored, there are five disc holders and four little pouches. The four little pouches is good enough to hold your SD cards. Dont know what else is there for the Wii that is the size of SD cards. The disc pouch does just that, hold your Wii games and keeps them all together.

Conclusion : Overall, the Wii PAK Carry Bag is small, compact and holds all your Nintendo Wii products. But its a little too small. The pocket that holds the cables and controllers, you wouldnt be able to fit a lot in there if you have four of each controller. It either hold the cables or your controllers. I decided to place the cables in the second compartment since its already a tight fit and adding the controllers in to the mix may cause buttons to be pressed thus causing the battery to drain. If the bag/pouches were slightly bigger, it would be a great case not to mention a little pouch for the sensor bar. Now, I just have to carry my controllers in a separate bag.

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March 10th, 2007, 05:25
Nintendo have their own Wii carry case style bag, I prefer the Nintendo version