View Full Version : CHUCKii - Strat Clear Nunchuk & Wiimote Shells Prototype Release

February 17th, 2007, 16:30
The CHUCKii Wii-mote is targeted at the lifeblood of the Wii console and basically, one does not even consider twice when purchasing an additional Wii-mote to supplement a 2 or 3-player game such as most games in Wii Sports. With this in mind, some of us prefer to bring along our very own wii-motes to our friend's place for a challenge but will hate to get your wii-motes mixed-up with your buddy's. Or perhaps, you prefer a customised look to your varied repertoire of styles. At Xtreme Enterprise, we understand your need to be different. Hence as promised, we roll out the initial prototype of the CHUCKii Wii-mote to our worldwide audiences. Colorwise, expect them to match our CHUCKii - Nunchuks as a set(Caution: As this is only a prototype, you may not like what you see. Images below are not suitable for unimaginative people). Enjoy!


Source: NDS-Central (http://www.nds-central.com/)