View Full Version : Penguin United releases Nintendo Wii Remote Charging Dock + Rechargeable Battery

February 20th, 2007, 19:36
Our good friends over at Penguin United is the first North American 3rd party manufacturer to release a rechargeable battery pack + dock for the Nintendo Wii Remote. It retails for $23.99. Order this and enter coupon code tellsomeoneaboutpenguinunitedthankyou and receive 20% off the order of a Wii charging dock.

http://www.penguinunited.com/ebay/dock_penguins.jpg (http://www.penguinunited.com/ebay/Dock_ebay.jpg) http://www.penguinunited.com/ebay/Dock_penguin5s.jpg (http://www.penguinunited.com/ebay/Dock_ebay5.jpg) http://www.penguinunited.com/ebay/Dock_penguin3s.jpg (http://www.penguinunited.com/ebay/Dock_ebay3.jpg) http://www.penguinunited.com/ebay/dock_penguin4s.jpg (http://www.penguinunited.com/ebay/Dock_ebay4.jpg)
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The included rechargable battery will provide you with 38 hours of game playing time and tons of $$ saved on batteries. To recharge your Wii Remote, simply place your Wii Remote on the charging dock. Your Wii remote will be charged from USB cable using modified battery cover provided.
Won't be in store until April, but we are ready to ship.


Wii Remote Charging Dock
USB Connection Cable
Rechargeable battery pack lasting 38 hours
Recharge enabled battery cover

Source: Penguin United (http://www.penguinunited.com/proddetail.php?prod=PU_011)